With our web design services, we create a powerful online presence to help you attract and retain your target audience. Our digital solutions provide you with access to more marketing tools, flexibility, and control of your content.


Convenient payment plans are offered with each package option.


Design OnlyStarting at $600. For those wanting a revamp of an existing site; or for those who have already purchased their domain and hosting and only need the site designed. 

One-Page SiteStarting at $300. Simple scrolling site with 4-5 sections. Perfect for those with minimal content.

Add-Ons for any package

Premium Features and Tools

Subscription Service

Set up your very own subscription service and deliver physical or digital products to your customers every week or month.


Create tiered membership options for your consumers giving varying levels of access to your products and services.

Social Login

This feature allows your consumers to login using their existing social media accounts.


Perfect for professional speakers and consultants. Book speaking engagements, meetings and more.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Give a friendly reminder to your customers when they’ve left items in their cart. Nudge them or even offer an incentive to finish making their purchase.

Recurring Donations

No more one-time donations. Allow your donors to setup recurring donations to your organization. Multi-payment gateways included.

Fundraising Campaigns

No more using a third-party platform to create online fundraising campaigns. Setup and manage fundraisers for your various causes, show your campaign progress and trackk and display your top donors.

Loyalty Programs

Allow your customers to earn points for purchases or give your top customers exclusive benefits and access to your products.


More Tools

These are just a few of the tools we have available. If you would like to learn more about our premium features, email sayhello@solflutter.com.