All work created and performed by SolFlutter will be original, not using any previously created or copyrighted material not belonging to SolFlutter.


SolFlutter acknowledges possible access to information which relates to the Client’s past, present, or future products, creative works, marketing strategies, pending projects/proposals, and other proprietary information. SolFlutter agrees to protect the confidentiality of the Client’s proprietary information and all physical and digital forms thereof, whether disclosed to SolFlutter before a contract agreement is signed or afterward. Unless strict confidentiality is requested by Client in advance of the establishment of a contract, SolFlutter can display work created for Client on SolFlutter’s web platforms for promotional use.


Client agrees to pay SolFlutter according to the the chosen 3 or 6-month payment option**. All payments are due on the agreed upon monthly date. First payment serves as a non-refundable deposit and is required to begin project work.

Quoted Price: Valid for 90 days from receipt. Deposit must be made in order to secure quoted amount.

Invoices: Invoices go out 7 days before the due date. Additionally, auto payment reminders will be sent periodically until payment is made. Once the due date has passed and if payment has not been received , all project work will cease until payment is made.

Automatic Payments: Instead of making your monthly payments manually, you now have the option to opt-in to Autopay. This feature will allow you to easily set up a secure, recurring payment to SolFlutter based on either the 3 or 6 month payment plan option you have chosen. Auto payments take the hassle out of having to remember your payment due date and it automates our invoicing process, saving us time. We even offer an additional discount on your quoted rate if you choose our Autopay option! If you would like to learn more, please email sayhello@solflutter.com.

Late Payments: We deliver quality and timely work to all of our Clients, therefore we expect that all invoices are paid on time. Failure to pay on or before the due date will result in contract termination or project completion delay until payment is received.

Domain + Hosting Renewals: We provide multiple renewal reminders beginning 45-60 days prior to domain and hosting renewals being due. It is critical to pay all domain and hosting service fees on or before the annual due date. If payment has not been made by the due date and the client has not made an attempt to either make a payment arrangement or move services to another platform before the expiration date – all site files, content and databases will be removed from the hosting platform and all services with SolFlutter will be terminated immediately.

Additional Work: If the scope of work is expanded, the project cost will be renegotiated and agreed upon.

Taxes: SolFlutter is responsible for the payment of all federal, state, and/or local taxes with respect to the services performed for the Client as an independent contractor.

**Milestone Payment Plan (deposit/mid-project payment/final payment upon completion): This payment option has been phased out as of 2/1/2018. 



On average, web design projects should take no longer than 1-2 months to complete. Graphic design project length varies depending on scope of project.

Upon client submitting a deposit to begin work, the Client should have all or most of their content ready for the project. Delays in getting the necessary content to SolFlutter will result in delay to your website launch and in some cases, contract termination.



Both parties understand that Client or SolFlutter may terminate the service at any time if, for any reason, the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. Upon written or verbal cancellation, Client is responsible for payment for all expenses incurred and any work done towards the completion of the project based on the percentage of the project completed that is determined by SolFlutter. Deposits are non-refundable. SolFlutter will provide Client with all source and native files. Should Client cancel the project after completion however, Client is responsible for full payment as per the agreed upon cost.

Contracts will be terminated if any web design project has not been completed within 12 months of initiation. Typically, this is 12 months from when the deposit was received. When we take on new web design projects, we schedule our projects out accordingly to ensure that your website can be launched by the agreed upon date or sooner. Unresponsiveness and delays in receiving content not only throw off our production schedule for you, but also interfere with work for our other clients. Because of this, SolFlutter reserves the right to refuse restarting a past project. If applicable, any files or work done towards completion of the project will be sent to the former client upon termination. No refund requests will be granted.


SolFlutter reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions at any time and as needed.

Last Updated April 27, 2018